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Our Legacy

The Montessori House of Children was founded in 1976 by Ms. Amala Wijesinghe, an experienced Montessori educationalist with over 45 years of teaching experience. Ms. Amala, as she is known by both the children and staff of the school, obtained her AMI Montessori Diploma from the prestigious Maria Montessori Institute, based in London, U.K. She taught as a lead teacher in several schools in the greater Los Angeles area before relocating to San Francisco, where she taught at one of the leading Montessori Schools in the city, Binet Montessori, before opening her own school in August 1976.

MHOC has grown progressively over the years under her leadership to becoming one of the top three Montessori Schools in San Francisco, It has established a solid reputation for quality preschool education in the Bay Area. The consistently high standard of quality maintained over the years is a hallmark and testimony to Ms. Amala’s personal commitment and dedication to preserving the trust that parents have had in placing their children at our school. Ms. Amala continues to monitor the educational standards of the school and assists the program director and his staff on a regular basis.

Amala Wijesinghe

Our  Founder

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