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Montessori House of Children | About Us

The Montessori House of Children has been caring for hundreds of children in the greater San Francisco area since 1976. Over the past several decades, we have learned that by delivering an atmosphere that values the uniqueness of the individual, children have a better opportunity to thrive and develop in later years.

We understand that the formative years of a child are critical for development as it provides the foundation for learning. This is exactly why we are truly passionate about our child care programs. Our well-designed and structured learning programs help observant and curious children be eager for knowledge and learning, always! Our proven educational method helps your child in independent thinking, creative learning and the building of analytical skills during his/her initial years of learning.

At MHoC we also ensure that children develop emotionally and socially - by exposing your child to events where they will learn how to compromise, respect others and solve problems. We are well equipped with Montessori materials and specially designed resources, yet we believe that child care is more than just special materials. So, when you place your child in our safe hands, we assure you to give them encouragement, affirmation and care in all aspects and at all times.

We look forward to continuing to enrich the lives of preschoolers for years to come.

Benefits of Montessori Education for Children

Provides the opportunity for child growth

Teaches children to make choices

Prepares children for Kindergarten

Promotes language, analytical and cognitive skills

Encourages social and emotional development

Assists in developing key motor skills

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